Construction Contracts and Disputes

Over the years we have represented owners, general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers in a wide range of residential and commercial projects.  Principals in our firm have themselves been owners who have hired architects, engineers, and contractors to develop and build residential, retail and commercial projects.  Thus, we bring practical knowledge about development and construction, as well as legal knowledge to assist clients with their construction contracts and disputes.

Good contracts help to avoid costly litigation.  Construction projects involve a network of relationships based on contracts and perhaps in no other field is it more important for parties to have a good contract.  Whether they are owners, contractors, architects or engineers, we assist our clients in the negotiation and drafting of the contracts that define their role and responsibility in the construction project.

Construction law also has a unique set of rules and remedies, including lien rights of those providing services and materials, recovery against the contractor’s bond, duties to maintain a safe job site and warranties against defective work.  When disputes arise on a construction project over payment for or quality of work or accidents on a job site, we assist clients in navigating that area of law and obtaining a favorable outcome.  We have represented clients in a wide variety of cases, both in court and arbitration, including liens, claims, claims against bonds, defective workmanship and injuries on a job site.